wedding gowns with bling

I never wear one of the wedding dresses in the past..n now I have my own bridal studio..I feel blessed..yes.. I'm speechless when dream comes true! For the meantime before I could hear any wedding bell calling for my name..hahaha.. I would like to make all my customers looking beautiful & elegant on their special day! FYI.. I'm a budget planner but my design and concept will be amazed you as you won't expected the result with such affordable price. Here I would like to thank my strong supporter.. thanks for always be there & keep inspiring me to do more great things! wedding gowns with bling

Services offered by me
? Event planner : birthday, anniversary, engagement, full moon, soft opening, wedding, farewell, just name it
? Make up & hairdo
? Photoshoot
? Dresses for rent
? Flower bouquet, chocolate bouquet, door gift, gift wrapping
? Fitness consultant, supplement
? Local jewellery...modern tango