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WE?? ?
A Week & Night With A Spoilt Brat ?

? Two spoilt Brats ?
By Khalee ✏️
Episode 30 ?

? ??ℕ?? ?ℙ????? ?

Meryl POV ?

The hotel room was full of ladies,my maid in honor and flower girls,with the makeup artist and other ladies.

I sat on a stool while the makeup artist worked on my face. I couldn't help but feel nervous.Today is my wedding day,with the man I wanna spend the rest of my life with.I feel ontop of the world and yet a part of me is scared.

What if Cyril doesn't show up in the church just like in the movies? What of he changes his mind? What if......
So many what ifs..

"And here we go". The makeup artist announced.

I stood up and turn to check myself out in the full length mirror.Oh my.....Is this really me? Okay,I know am beautiful but not to this extent.My makeup is actually aihhy one, everything in nude except my lips which was painted in red.

My face was glittering to match with my head,which my hair was packed in chignon and decorated with gold hairpins.

"Do you like it?". The makeup artist asked.

I nodded."yeah,it beautiful".

"Oh my gee...My cousin is so so lucky to have an angel like you".Lesley, Cyril cousin,who happen to be my maid of honor beamed.Making the other ladies turn to look at me, including the flower girld,who were being dressed in their ball gown.

"You're so breathtaking,now get dressed already". Lesley beamed as she pull me to the queen size bed,where my wedding dress laid. It actually a mermaid cut dress,chosen by Cyril. Lesley reach for it and try to help me with it.

"You should go finish your makeup". I said to her.

She pouted."Fine". She drop the dress and went back to the makeup artist working on her face, earlier.

One of the hired ladies got hold of my wedding dress,unzip it and wore for me. She reach for my wedding jewelries. Brought out my necklace, dangling earrings, anklet and bracelet which she start to lock in their places.

While another, brought my give inches gold heels and help me into it. They were finally done and I went back to the mirror to check myself out again. I was dripping in gold. Everything sparkling and ravishing.

"I believe everyone is ready now. It almost time". One of my bridesmaids called out.

" Yes,we're done". The flower girls beamed, twirling in their ball gown.

I stood staring at myself in the mirror.
Am so worried.

"Meryl,are you okay?". Lesley asked as she came to me.

I turn to her and sighed. "Am scared".

" What? Why?".

"What if Cyril changes his mind?".

"Hey,come on.My cousin loves you.I see the way,he looks at you and he told my twin brother,how bless be is to have you in his life. So don't feel that way,Okay?".

" Don't you think I should wipe my makeup away? What if some thing doesn't look right or he feels it too much? What if a pimple just pop on my face ,when I get there and he feels disgusted?". I ask panicking at the thought of that.

Lesley reached for both of my hands." Cyril won't leave you. I know he use to be an asshole but not anymore,not after you came into his life. He loves you too much to abandon you on this special day. Stop worrying and trust me, everything will go as planned". She cajoled and I felt like crying.

" Baby girl, don't do that. You wanna ruin your makeup,huh. If only you know how sexy you look right now. I can bet my life that once you enter the church,Cyril won't take his eyes off you and do you know what's gonna be calculating in his mind?".

I shook my head negatively. " No".

She brought her head closer to mine. "He's gonna be thinking about ,how he's gonna handle you tonight". She whispered and I giggled.

I pull her into my arms. " Thanks for making me feel better,am so glad you're gonna be my sister, friend and sister in-law"

" Anytime baby"

We formed a line and walk out,with me behind.

? ?

My Mom and Dad came outside the church after the bridesmaids has entered.

"Meryl". My mom called as she pull me into a big hug. "Am so gonna miss you,my child".

And I felt like crying.

" Ally,it okay. Don't make her cry". My Dad put in as he came to us.

We disengage from the hug and my Dad gave me a big smile.
"It time, Princess"

I̺͆N̺͆S̺͆I̺͆D̺͆E̺͆ T̺͆H̺͆E̺͆ C̺͆H̺͆U̺͆R̺͆C̺͆H̺͆

The door opened and all eyes turn to me.

"Please stand for the bride". The priest smiled.

A music came on, everyone had smiles plastered on their face as they got on their feet. Despite the fact that the church is actually a big one,it was full. All these people are here just for Cyril and I. Among these people,I sighted my aunt.
Aunt Ruby and her husband,Uncle Toby with their twin kids,who am a year older than. Elmer and Elroy.

The flower girls lined the path with white rose petals,almost at the Alter,my Dad squeezed my palm and I couldn't be more glad,cos I almost fainted out of nervousness. The guests couldn't get their eyes off,some were taking pictures, waving at me and smiling but no one said a word.

Finally I brace up to look at Cyril,what I've been avoiding since. I saw him,Cyril,my future ???????,the love of my life. The one,who I want to be the father of my unborn kids,the one,who I want to wake up next to every morning and see before I drift to sleep.

He had a big smile plastered on his face and that have me more confidence. He did not leave ,afterall.

Finally,at the end of the Aisle,My Dad pulled me into a bone cracking hug. "Am so proud of you, Princess". He disengage from the hug and presented me to my groom.

He place my hand in Cyril's. "Remember what I told you,huh? Keep it in mind". He glared at Cyril.

"I promise,Martin". Cyril smiled.

What did they talk about?
Men's talk,I believe.

He parted him on the shoulder. "Take care of her". With that My Dad walked away while Cyril and I stood in front of the priest.

"You can now have your seat". The priest said to the guests and they followed his request. Sure they had all taken their seats,he started. "Dear beloved,we are gathered here today to witness this man and woman join together in matrimony".

After the short semon about marriage by the priest.The entire congregation stands as Cyril and I are about to take our vows,to declare our commitment to eachother.

"I,Cyril Jason Ross,take you Meryl to be my wife. I promise to be true to you in good times,sickness and in health. I will love and honor you all the days of my life". Cyril promised, maintaining eye contact with me.

"I, Meryl Tracy Martin,take you Cyril to be my husband. I promise to love you,to be your best friend,to respect and support you,to be patient with you,to accept you unconditionally and share my life with you forever". I smiled.

The priest blessed us both and join our hands together then turn to Cyril.
" Do you take Miss Meryl Tracy Martin as your lawful wedded wife,to have and to hold,from this day forward,for better or worse,for richer or poorer,in sickness and in health,to love and cherish until death do your part?".

" Yes,I do". Cyril answered.

I also answered mine. " I do".

Leslie(Lesley's twin brother) the best man came forward with my ring which he handed to the priest,who blesses it before giving it to Cyril,and he slip it on my finger.

Lesley (My maid of honor) also brought Cyril's ring to the priest,who blesses it and I received it from him and slip it on Cyril's finger.

We both repeated the word after the priest. "I take this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness in the name of the Father,the son and the holy spirit".

The priest turned to the guest. " If anyone objects to the marriage,speak now or forever hold your peace".

What? Did he have to ask that? I look at Cyril and he looks scared as I am.My heart was pounding against my chest.

Secs tuned to minutes and nobody talked. The priest turned back to us and I couldn't help but heavy a sigh of relieve.

"By the.....

" Wait!". Someone shouted.

My heart skipped,with widen eyes,I turn to look who just spoke and only one person was standing. Elroy,my cousin.
Every one turn to him.

"Yes,young man. Speak". The priest urged.

At that point,I almost pee in my pant.Cyril and I squeezed eachother's palm.

"Yeah. I just wanna ask if they're gonna kiss since it a church wedding?".

Everyone burst into laugh.He winked at me with a smile on his face while I glare at him.
That stupid boy. He's different from his twin brother,Elmer,the calm and quiet one.

"They will". The priest chuckled.

I look at Cyril and we smiled at eachother.

"With the power invested in me. I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride". The priest announced.

Cyril opened my veil and gave me a big smile before leaning forward to kiss me. Everyone cheered for is. I felt ontop of the world, finally he's mine and am his.

? W̺͆E̺͆D̺͆D̺͆I̺͆N̺͆G̺͆ P̺͆A̺͆R̺͆T̺͆Y̺͆ ?

Just when I finish changing to a dinner gown,the door opened and Cyril walk in,dressed in a Blue tuxedo,same color with my gown.He scanned me with his eyes for a while before coming closer and wrap his arm around my waist.

"You're gorgeous,Mrs Cyril". He whispered in the most sexy voice,I've ever had. He kiss my earlobe down to my neck,where he sucked tight, placing an hi?kle while I moaned softly.

"And smell awesome". He added as his hand travel to my bareback,he crash his lips on mine, kissing me with passion and start to fuddle my breast.

I quickly unlock from the kiss, trying to catch my breath. "We should go to the party now".

"Uh.yes but they understand If we can't attend now. It our wedding night". He cajoled trying to kiss him again but I dodge the kiss.

"I know but they're here for us, let's go". I grab his hand before he can argue further and we headed to the hall,where the guests were.

I know it our wedding night and we're suppose to be in the room now, making love or so but am so nervous about my first time, especially the fact that my ??????? is big.

Once the guests caught sight of us decending the stairs,the music stopped and all eyes were on us,Cyril arm around my waist.

Cameras flashed.

"And the newly weds is here. Woohoooo!". Someone screamed and everyone cheered.

Once we drop down from the last step ,the light became brighter, making all face visible and clear.

"Thanks for coming to our wedding party. Please enjoy". Cyril bemed and a wild cheer erupted.

The party continued.
A caterer approached us with a glass tray of cocktails in it. Cyril and I got one each before going around to greet guest and sipping out drink.

I found Aunt Ruby with her husband and my crazy cousin, Elroy,I pulled Cyril with me to say hi to them.

"And who do we have here?". Aunt Ruby beamed before pulling me from my husband and giving me a warm hug then disengage from the hug.

" Congratulations sweethearts".Uncle Tony smiled before sipping his wine.

" Thanks for coming all the way from New York,Uncle and Aunt".

" Oh please just call me Toby and my wife,Ruby".

" Our pleasure". Elroy grinned.

" Oh yeah. Fuck you,Elroy. You almost made me pee in my pant when you created that scenes in the church. It wasn't funny". I glare at him.

" He's just too naughty". Aunt Ruby put in.

"But I made it fun. Everyone laughed". He grinned.

" So where is your twin,Elmer?". Cyril asked.

"Sleeping. He's just too boring". Elroy sighed.

"Better than you". Aunt Ruby spat.

"Am interesting. You all know that".

I got a glimpse of Kaylyn, sitting at a corner with a champagne flutes in her hand.

"We should go say hi to Kaylyn". I said to Cyril.

"Yeah,we should. See you around,Ruby, Toby and Elroy".
Cyril shook hands with Elroy,Uncle Toby and kissed Aunt Ruby on both cheeks before we left them.

Almost at Kaylyn,when we bump into Lesley and her twin brother, Leslie.

"Hey you two". Lesley smiled.

"Hi,you two" Cyril mimicked and we laughed.

" Congratulations ,Welcome to the family". Leslie smiled at me.

" Don't smile at my ????". Cyril glared as he tighten his arm around me, protectively.

"Hey chill bro,I got my wife here". He pull his twin closer to himself.

" Oh well. You can't do this to her". Cyril kissed my forehead.

" Why not?". Leslie place a kiss on Lesley's forehead.

"How about this?". Cyril kissed my lip.

"Of course". He took the challenge and place a light on his twin's lip.

"What the hell, Leslie". I chuckled.

"Well. Ready for another challenge?". Cyril asked.

" Sure". Leslie respond with his head high.

"Right then".

In a blink of an eye,Cyril had crash his lips on mine,and kissed me till my lips were over swollen before pulling out ,both of us catching our breathe.

"Wow! Wow! No way!". Lesley laughed.

"Fuck ya,Cyril!". Leslie gave Cyril a middle finger before leaving with his twin sister while Cyril and I kept laughing.

"That's my Dad's twin. Leslie and Lesley's father. He just arrived,I guess". Cyril pointed and followed the direction,I gasp when I saw him.

"They're identical twins!!". I exclaimed.

" Yeah,when I was little. I do mistake him for my father because they have almost everything in common,the only difference is their height. He's taller than my Dad". Cyril explained.

" Wow,He lives in New York with his Family,right?".

" Yeap".

" We should go say hi to him".

" Definitely but go see Kaylyn. I'll wait there for you". He place a kiss on my forehead before I proceeded to Kaylyn.

"And I wonder what the bride is doing here,instead of screaming in the bedroom". She said shamelessly when I got to her.

" Hey,stop being raw".

"You can fool others but not me. The only reason why you're here is because you're afraid of your first time. Tell me,am wrong".

" You definitely is. We're still saying hi to the guests".

" Oh thank you but you can go make babies now".

"Seriously". I laughed

" C'mon go give him his right. You can't keep it again. It belongs to him and him alone. So go. Make sure you don't just lay like a log of wood.Nope,Men don't like that. Give him in the different styles.Moan loud at the top of your voice ,Men love it. Remember everything I told you,kiss him till you taste blood, give.... sexy mermaid wedding dresses

"Kaylyn!". I frowned and she laughed.

"Fine you can't do that now but with time,you will be in charge too. Where is he?". She start to scan the room, once her eyes caught Cyril,She waved at him, beckoning him to come.

"What're you doing?".

"Take a chill pill,girl".

"Hi Kaylyn". Cyril smiled when he got to us.

" Congratulations ".

"Thank you".

"So I was wondering why this young lady is still outside, instead of screaming your name in the room".

I gasped and look away in embarrassment.

Cyril coughed. "Umm.. we...I...

" Less talk". Kaylyn cut him off as she reach for my hand and place it in Cyril's. "She's all yours. Her p*ssy is all yours. Go make her scream".
With that she left us but not without winking at me.

Cyril and i remained quiet.

"Don't mind Kaylyn. She's always like that".

"Well I want to".

? W̺͆E̺͆D̺͆D̺͆I̺͆N̺͆G̺͆ N̺͆I̺͆G̺͆H̺͆T̺͆ ?

I opened the door with Cyril behind,.

"Wow. When did this happen?". I asked looking around the room.

It different now,with only candles light,red rose petals all over the bed and on the floor,it was arranged in a love shape.With some other things,all looking romantic.

"Few minutes ago. Courtesy of Elroy, Kaylyn and Lesley". Cyril replied as he shut the door behind.

He came to stand behind me and my heart stopped when he sniff my back, making me develop goosebumps. He plant kisses all over it before he start loosing the straps of my dress.

He finished loosing it and it fell to the floor., Making me stand in only a bra and pant. He turned me to him ,as he start to unbutton his tuxedo.He remove his shirt and trouser dropping them on the floor,soon he was just in his brief and his hard rod was fighting to come out in it's cage.

I gulped and look away but he tilt my head to him.
"Don't look away, you're the only one,who is gonna see this side of me, forever". With that he lowered his brief till he got his legs out but I look away before I could see his prick.

He took me off guard,as my feet left the floor and I end up in the bed,he came between my legs,his prick poking my thigh as he unhook my bra,soon I was unclad infront of him.

"The heat is too much". I stated when he was about to suck my nipple.

"Huh?I'll just turn the AC on". He reached for the remote and turn it on before coming back to me .

," The cold is too much".
Okay, i don't know what the hell is wrong with me.

"Should I turn it off or ...

" Turn it off".

He reached for the remote and turn it off.
I got hold of the duvet and covered myself .

"Are you okay,Babe?".

"Yeah, I mean No... Sorry Yes.. Fine No. Geez .. what am I saying...I don't know".

He got under the duvet before wrapping me in his arm.
"Are you nervous?".

I gulped before nodding."mmm".

"I won't hurt you".

"Do we really have to do it tonight?".

We stare into eachother's eyes for a while.


"What??. Why? It not a must,you know".

"It our wedding night. Let's make it memorable. Even we don't do it now,we'll do it some other time. So just brace up".

" Am scared".

" I know". He tuck a strand of hair behind my ear.
" Do you trust me?".

" I do". I answered genuinely.

"Then let me make you a woman. I won't hurt you".

Okay,what the hell is wrong with me?
He's m? ??????? and this the so called wedding night,I've been talking about.

I gulped. "Make me a woman" .

"I'll make it memorable,huh?".

I nodded.

"Are you comfortable with the light or I should turn it off".

" It romantic. I love it".

" Good".

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