plus size white formal dress

V/S/T>Forest Pants(+6 hp mp seal),Red Spirit Fox's Ear F(%20hp 15 avoid),Funky Lederhosen,Blue Pirate Dress,Mustang M(Red),Green Bard Dress,Poor Pirate M,Poor Pirate F,Pirate hood with patch, Wedding Hair Corsage(Gray), Negi hat (Red),Cherry Blossom Coronet (Avoid),Rabbit ears (white), Ice crown(Pink melee), Noodles Red, Droes Great Slam (89/1 2h +7),Life of the Marsh(73/33 shield), Owl Doublet (93/1 Merc jacket 3 seal +6),Head Phone (Blue),Stone of Time (65/25 dagger +0) vs SLATE /MC /GELT plus size white formal dress