petite styled items in the cocktail to wear

Zadig & Voltaire does girl power with 'Me Too'

One witnessed a significant French victory in Chelsea as blue skies returned to Manhattan and Zadig & Voltaire staged a high-octane, rip-roaring Girl Power collection with a telling soupcon of 'Me Too' empowerment.

The key to the collection was the gal rifling through her boyfriend’s wardrobe, but making every piece she pinched into something bold.

The mood was set before the show, when there was practically pandemonium as Naomi Watts and then Natalia Dyer, star of Netflix Sci-Fi drama 'Stranger Things', arrived. The pair sending the paparazzi into a feeding frenzy worthy of a Six Nations ruck inside Cedar Lounge in Chelsea. On each seat, lay a t-shirt designed by Italian photographer Micol Sabbadini of the March 2017 'Women’s March', a capsule collection whose proceeds go to the organisation 'Every Mother Counts'. petite styled items in the cocktail to wear

Once order had been restored, the cast bopped out, led by a blonde beauty in a leather 'Avengers' jumpsuit - the zip down, and bra showing - followed by a party animal in an oversized shearling flight jacket, t-shirt dress and lace tights.

Prince of Wales double-breasted jackets were borrowed from a lover boy and worn as mini cocktails; a leggy look and all the better for it. It was all very racy, yet never cheap, in a clever visual balancing act.

Not that the men in this joint show were shy types either; typified by the rockstar-red plaid patch pocket faux shearling that cried out to be worn with a lead guitar.

There was even a 'Trash & Vaudeville' moment of big cat prints for dresses, boots and soft Rider bags, which could have been naff but ended up being fun.

“Boyfriends clothes yes, but with a feminine twist,” smiled designer Cecilia Bonstrom, seconds before a huge mob of fans descended on her backstage.

That followed some thunderous applause for the Swedish-born designer, who is working for a Parisian label and giving Americana imagery a Continental twist; a great show igniting an otherwise pretty lame New York season.