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"May I use your car?" I said to mum who
then gave me a blank look through her
"Because I would like to run some errands
after lunch, Akim still has relatives to see he
can't take me round" I said
"No I mean why my car and not yours" mum
Aunty Melita smiled and interrupted our
"You are going for lunch with your man?
That's beautiful" she said happily
Everyone else was making a big fuss about
this lunch as if Akim was the fist man to do
such an honourable thing, well he wasn't
taking me anyway.
"Yes aunty.." I smiled
"Mum I don't have gas" I added.
"Can this man marry you already.. At least he
will carry my burden" mum said teasingly.
Although mother was joking I really took
offence, I got her car keys and quickly left.
My dear husband to be wasn't expecting me
but I decided to give him the surprise of his
life. I drove really fast and kept praying God
gives me strength to confront this cheating
man. He was soon to be married yet still
acting like a child.
Teddy was surprised to see me at his door
but it was too late for him to stop me, I
quickly by passed him and headed straight
to his room. I knew the place very well as I
had been there many times with Akim.
"Litia what are you doing that's my room my
woman is there!" Teddy screamed running
after me.
I managed to kick the door open with every
strength I had and there was my man in the
arms of Chikumbi. Akim could not say a
word as he stared at me worriedly.
Chikumbi on the other hand had the
audacity to crawl out of bed and begun to
dress up in my presence butt naked.
"Akim??? how could you?.." I found myself
asking with the little strength I had left in
Akim didn't seem at all moved by my
question, he however picked his phone and
started pressing it.
"Akim.. I'm talking to you" I yelled. This time
tears trailed down my cheeks uncontrollably.
"We are getting married for crying out loud..
How can you do this to me?
I felt so betrayed, Akim couldn't even look at
me. He didn't even blink my direction for a
second, I stood there just like a fool.
"Excuse me" Chikumbi said as she
approached the door. She had just finished
dressing and was ready to go.
"You of all people Chikumbi why? You're a
woman Chikumbi, one day this will be you.
How can you do this to me?.."
"I think the best person to deal with is Akim.
Please excuse me I want to go out." She
replied rudely.
"Akim! Isn't this the same girl you've always
asked me to stay away from?. The prostitute
with bad morals is now your woman? Really
"Excuse me who are you calling a
prostitute?" Chikumbi bloated out
"That is what he calls you and that is all
you're good for! He regards you like a cheap
prostitute" I yelled bitterly.
Chikumbi burst into laughter.
"And what are you good for? Marriage?
Honey Akim doesn't want to marry you.. He
tells me that all the time.. Even at his home in long sleeve dress for wedding
northwestern province.. Yes I've been there.
Stop begging him to marry you. If not for
me he wouldn't have come to that kitchen
party and just in case you care to know.. I
bought your gift, with my money not his!. So
you better be congratulating me" Chikumbi
snapped before walking out on me. Her
presence was intimidating to me and I
couldn't utter any other word.
"Can't you even be sorry Akim!" I burst into
I had absolutely no idea what do, how could
I face my family and friends? Just how could
I break this news to them?. Clearly I couldn't
change him and I couldn't do anything. After
all of Chikumbi's insults Akim remained
unmoved. Surely what kind of a husband
could this man make if he already
disrespected me like that? As painful as it
was I had to walk out on him. I couldn't stay
for another insult, it was insulting enough
that he was ignoring me. I took a slow walk
of shame and disappointment out of
Teddy's house. Akim remained in the same
position like nothing happened.