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FAST FORWARD TO FEBRUARY 14, 2018: “Hi! It’s Mojito, the Park Avenue Chihuahua, and I penned a Valentine’s Day poem to my prospective canine girlfriends. Some might share my life and become my wife/wives.

I’m trying my paw at writing, and it’s very exciting! I was inspired by Simone, the Park Avenue poodle I walk with. She’s a scribe with an astute vibe.

I want to do something good, since I’m often misunderstood. To be upbeat, I created something sweet.

If I get a huge response, I have an admission: I might hold a pooch audition!

Frank, my dog walker translates, and I know you can’t wait. Please note: There are comments in parentheses that I think Simone wrote, that I don’t really get. I’ll have to ask her about them. They go over my Chihuahua head.

So, here goes my poem:

‘My name is Mojito, and I like Fritos and Tostitos. Also dig franks and buns -- munching on them is so much fun. And, I love salsa -- the music and the dip with chips. I move to the beat, as I eat, eat, eat!

Now, if you want romance, prepare to be entranced! Take a chance, and maybe we’ll dance.

Looking at the stars in the dark . . . Long strolls in the park . . . Doing things on a lark . . . Poetic words . . . Gazing at the birds . . .

Playing with a Frisbee, we’ll be as happy as can be.

Valentine’s Day is about love, desire, and Cupid, and he’s smart, not stupid. He shoots his arrow and creates romance, delicate like a sparrow.

Cupid brings a girl and a boy, doggie or human together, in all kinds of weather.

Maybe there will be white doves from the sky above. This is my kind of LOVE!

I might not be tall, but I’m the best dog of all! Move over other canines -- Mojito is very fine!

Si, I’m a handsome tan Chihuahua (really, kind of cute), who has a melodic bow-wow. (Wait until they hear him yap!)

Girl pooches, you’re in for a treat, cause’ true love can’t be beat. I’ll even give you something special to eat. Could be bacon -- I’m not mistaken!

We’ll saunter on the avenues -- just me and you. (Excuse me, did he forget about me, Simone; Ricardo; and Frank, our walker?)

Impressing everyone we greet, parading down the street . . .

My smart walker is a good canine talker. He’ll take us all over town and never has a frown.

More about me: I’m nice and give good advice. (What?)

I live on Park Avenue with a great view. Have my own bedroom, and I love cartoons! I’m kind of rich, so you can have what you wish.

We’ll have lots of free time, and mom and dad, who are doctors, won’t mind. (Yeah, right.)

Yummy lunches that you’ll accompany me to, at Café Beaucoup. (But, please, don’t bring another yapping dog.)

I may be a little temperamental (just a little?), but I’m sentimental. (The first I heard about his sentiment.)

I’m honest . . . Don’t tell lies . . . Striking brown eyes . . . I’m wise . . . (Anything else?)

I understand girls, and I like curls. Even if you have straight hair, I don’t care.

As long as you love me, a Chihuahua you don’t have to be.

It doesn’t matter your size -- adds to the element of surprise.

All breeds, please apply because I’m your guy!

If you’re pretty and sweet, you’re a doggie I want to meet. I’m sincere -- I just want you near.

I’ll be full of admiration, and that’s no exaggeration.

Affection you’ll never lack, and do you like rubs on your back? If you’re ready for all this, you might even get a kiss!

I really want a girlfriend (He means he wants 17 girls/wives!), and the good times will never end. On that you can depend.

So, let’s give this a start, and I’ll bestow you my heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you want to come over to play?’

P.S. First pic: And, now, here’s Cupid!

Dog bride pic: The light tan short-haired Chihuahua wearing the wedding dress is what I envision my wife, or should I say, one of my wives to look like. Frank, my dog walker showed me her photo. She resembles me, and we could be as happy as can be! I hope she reads my poem and replies -- I really like her eyes.

Romantic Valentine's Day hearts comprise the third photo.

Fourth image: “I like this adorable black and white doggie. I wonder if she’s single?”

Courtesy of Frank, is the fifth photo of a reddish-brown long-haired Chihuahua in a wedding gown, who can be another wife. Such decisions, and as for this group of girls, it’s only the beginning! By the way, I’m not telling each female that responds, that I seek maybe 17 wives -- I’m the playboy of Park Avenue! light blue color wedding selections

My head shot: “Handsome Chihuahua seeking beautiful dog mate!” Me, Mojito -- ready to meet the love(s) of my life!

Seventh image: The Valentine’s Day balloons really set the joyful mood.

Eighth pic is a red "Happy Valentine's Day" heart.

To all humans and pets: Have the best Valentine’s Day yet!”

“The Poodles of Park Avenue” is available at:…/1122407386

Written by: Mojito, the Park Avenue Chihuahua