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# Sweetdaddy ? ? ? ? ?
Episode 5....

We fell asleep on the couch,she woke me up with a plate of
breakfast on her hand
me;ehh you starting to think you adults now
Phila;I thought we were ouch
me;Im kidding babe,thanks for waking me with this sweet
thing,I hope it tastes as good as it looks
Phila;oh so you dont trust me?
me;eish I dont think so
Phila;ohh okay then you might as well give me my plate back
me;Im kidding okay I love it,so I will die hungry if I dont give hi low wedding dresses
you a good compliment
Phila;mhh I dont know
me;maybe I should think twice about marring you
Phila;no no no dont,here is you plate okay I'll feed you
me;weeh you like marriage but I think you like the wedding
not marriage in whole
Phila;nope,you got it wrong ke
me;okay I hear you..I wont debate,how you feeling down
Phila;its fine now but theres still a little
me;you'll be fine..but you called for it I didnt say wear bum
shorts and you know you have some a$$
Phila;its God's gift"she stood up and waved it at my face
me;mxm this small thing
Phila;you know you want it"she continued
me;I dont have the energy to carry to again
Phila;plss Im fine now soo....
me;dont cook a pot without fire
me;you tryin me Im no game
Phila;ohh really?" she pressed my lips
Phila;I think you are
Phila; princess
me;mhh"I stood up slowly and grabbed her to lay her on the
couch,then I started tickling her she laughed so hard I then
let her go
Phila;is that what you capable of
Phila;oh please mxm
me;I wont f***k you,you like old people things
Phila;mxm vha"she stood up I pulled her down and kissed
her,after some minutes we stopped
Phila;lets save that for later
Phila;lets go take a shower and go to town to buy some
things for us
me;okay sweety"I chased her to the bathroom,we took a
normal shower bathing each other,then we dressed up and
were off to the mall,while we were still walking I recieved a
call from linda
Linda;I see you
Linda;can I come?
me;okay I'll text you
Linda;okay"I didnt text her I just continued walkin holding my
girl's hand
while we were walking linda sent me a text
Linda;Im still waiting
me;no you can leave cause Im with my cousin she will tell
my parents if she sees me with girls
me;I'll call you
Linda;okay "mxm if only she knew. We walked to
Checkers then we bought everything we needed,while we
were at the till she looked worried.
me;baby whats wrong"a girl behind us looked at us
Phila;Im fine"looking at the other side
Phila;mhhh"she pretanded to be looking at some magazines
me;look at me
Phila;what?"she looked at me
me;whats wrong?
Phila;lets talk at home
me;okay"we paid then we took the plastic bags and left,on
the way home we were silent. When we got home,she went
to the room,then I unpacked the grocery after that I went to
join her. I found her lying on her chest she had tears on her
me;whats wrong?
Phila;nothing"I made her sit up
me;now talk to me
Phila;who was calling you at the mall?
me;oh it was a friend of mine
Phila;friend of yours? oh!
me;okay it was linda she has been following me around I
told her I dont like it,maybe its because she has Kenny
now shes following me around
Phila;why didnt you tell me
me;Im sorry,I didnt wanna hurt you
Phila;but you should have,do you know how worried I was
me;its okay baby"I wiped her tears and kissed her,then I
layed her on her back,the rest is history.
We got up at 10:00pm then watched tv,we went back to bed
at 02;00am and slept at 04:00am dont judge me,it was
just the two of us.
We woke up at 10:00am then we took a shower,she wore a
pencil skirt and vest with cardigan,her ass was all out this
girl likes turning me on,I just wore my shorts and t-shirt. We
made breakfast and ate
Phila;how about tonight we go clubbing with my friends?
me;mhh okay no problem,but I hate hangovers
Phila;haha dont worry babe I know how to fix that problem.
We continued with the food,then we washed the dishes,then
I recieved a call from my parents
me;hi guys
mum;so you were gone forever you did not even bother to
call mummy n daddy
me;sorry guys Ive been busy
dad;hehe what are you doing to Phila there?
me;hey dad lets leave that to Phila,isnt it Philaa
Phila;whats going on there?
me;lets leave it to my parents
mum;how are you mntanam
me;Im fine Queen you
mum;we fine,dont be scarce klk we worried about you even
your whatsapp last seen is yesterday at 11:00am
me;mum stop stalking me
dad;dont be scarce nyani
me;okay bye guys love you
dad;love you too"I hang up then Phila used my phone to call
her friend
Phila;hey chommie**no this is Phila,I'm using baes
phone**tonights,why dont we go out**yes**okay bye see
you later
me;so its a done deal"she nodded. We stayed indoors and
waited till late.
Next episode...........