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Fcking shit. Hurts more than giving up your bride. Why does he have to die?! ?

John Edward Alejano February 23 at 5:48am ·

“Frank stole the barong”

I grew up in a very strict family, where school grades matter the most. This, maybe, became one of the reasons why I became an outcast of every family celebration. Well, my grades are doing good but I HATE it when life is giving me too much restrictions. I mean, it really sucks to be controlled by anything and everything. We all need freedom.

If given a day to be a witch, I’ll spend every hour cursing everyone. Uhmmm I mean “everyone”, except Edward.

Me and my best friend, Edward,met at the most epic way anyone could ever imagine. It was Tuesday afternoon when I went to his house without any consent coming from him. I don’t know, but I think a consensual meet-up is not that needed— all best friendships know that. I was having my PMS that time so I needed somebody to watch a movie with me.

Going back... I went to surprise him at his domicile. Edward mentioned about the location of their house’ keys so I know exactly what to do that day. I grabbed the keys under their outdoor mat and used it to open the door, obviously.

I ,then, went to his room where he’s usually practicing his singing career. And yes! he is singing that time. I opened the door like a thief craving for gold. “slowly Stacy, slowly”....

“Holy shit! why are you fucking naked?!” , I screamed. “And what the heck are you doing here?!” Edward imparted. I can not think well so I blurted out anything I am thinking of. “Because I want to watch you like that”,I said.

Omg he’s blushing. He’s so cute. He’s hot. Oh no! Stacy he is an off limits for goodness sake.

He attractively interrogated, “What?”.

I am so embarrassed. We’re merely best friends but I felt something strange. I bowed my head and replied “I mean, I want to watch a movie with you”.

“Are you serious? You interrupted the whole moment for that?. I mean, sure”, he replied laughing.

Instead of him being surprised, I was the one being startled. And honestly, I am one step closer to hibernating in Amazon forest.

“So why are you naked, really?” I asked him. “Because I can’t breathe properly and taking all of my clothes is a great help to hit the high notes”, he replied. I don’t know exactly about the universe but he is fucking attractive when he does the reasoning.

Anyways, we’re just best friends after all and in fact, I am dating with somebody else. His name is Frank. Ever since, Edward became our main planner for everything; our first date, our first time to watch a movie and he even planned our engagement. So it means that he doesn’t feel any more special than friendship. Edward is a necessity by all sense.

But everything between me and Frank went wrong.

To cut the long story short, that manipulative, idiotic, arse hole cheated. I ,actually,am also a third party. Yes, he had a girlfriend when we became officially couple and I was ignorant about that so don’t judge me. Frank is a living proof that If a person did something wrong just to win you, he can also do the same thing for others. Only that- you’re the sole catcher of all the “karma”.

The only person that stayed for good is Edward. Even though I did push him away, he was patient enough to wait outside my room to comfort me after I cry. I don’t know how to live my life without him.

Few days later, Edward confessed his long-time secret– he loves me. I knew I was falling for him too and I guess I was wrong before. I realized that relationships should really begin with good friendships.

We were so happy last Valentines day until my stupid ex, Frank interrupted everything. Before anything might badly happen, Edward moved between the two of us to protect me from that dickhead.

Yes, I cried that moment but not because I missed Frank but because I think I found the one— the man of everything aesthetic. A man that I want to marry. This maybe became the reason why I proposed to him the next morning. Yes, I know, it is stupid for a woman to do it but I don’t care if the world thinks that way. I love Edward, he loves me; and that matters the most.

Before February 29– the day of our marriage– I felt surreal and at the same time, nervous. I, actually, am quivering the whole time.

The theme of our marriage is Paradise- a perfect theme for a wedding. I, personally, have chosen roses to be my bouquet because it symbolizes pure love. I will also be wearing a Micheal Cinco’s gown and Edward will be wearing the barong, my mom gave him.

Everything was planned and I think I am ready.

As the priest ask “You gentleman, do you accept this woman to be your wife... for better or for worst?” , Edward replied without having any hesitations saying “YES” two times.

As I am asked the same question, the world stopped for me in a span of five seconds– a time, unbelievably enough for me to imagine a happy family with him. I imagined the couple that we could be. I imagine us, conquering the world. He really is the one and I can never afford to let him go.

“Yes father, I do”, I responded.

The priest interrogated the last question before we’re officially married, “Is there anyone here who is not in favor of this wedding”

I saw Frank waving the handkerchief that I gave him on our first monthsary. As he come closer, my heart is crushing softly. “Please stop this wedding! Father, I love that woman, I love that bride! And I want to say sorry for everything Stacy, I am sorry”, he said.

I was crying and smiling at that time as I look at him. I looked back at Edward and told him, “I still love him,...”. Before I am to continue what I want to say, my groom looked away, walking towards Frank.

I can’t hear that much but I can sense that Edward was crying. He took off his barong, leaving me silent and obliterated. I was to continue what I was gonna say but he already went out the church.

As he stepped his left foot above the pavement, a ten-wheeler truck was running briskly and bumped him.

He died.

He died without hearing me saying “I love Frank but I love you more. You were the one who stayed. You were the one who wiped my tears every time I cry . And you were the one who truly loves me. I love him but you’re the only one who proved me that I was beyond worth it to be loved. You are my best friend, my planner and I wish you, to be my husband. I wish you, to become the father of my children.” evening gowns

but I guess...