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? *Divine Help* ?

Many times people report the feeling of divine help and strength when they come close to breaking point. Actually divine help is always there, but I am usually so busy doing things in my own little way that I only look for it when I face absolute defeat. The tranquil nature of enlightened souls comes from their ability to take God's help constantly. A state of true surrender will lead to the feeling of victory in everything I do.

? *Internal Treasures:* ?

Sometimes, we get offended or ill almost on purpose in order to receive special treatment. Out of a lack of self-esteem and insecurity, we depend on the appreciation and affection of the other, for them to value us, praise us and always to speak kindly to us. Even though they have given us many signs of appreciation, if for a few days they give us none, our inner world or our self-esteem collapses. We become dependent on what others do, or don't do, in relation to us, whether or not they nourish our self-esteem, and then what happens? We are always waiting for the other to give us something when in reality we can give it to ourselves. black mermaid prom dresses

Spirituality makes us experience our internal treasures of bliss, happiness, love and power. It makes us aware that we are gives, emitters and radiators of these qualities rather than takers. This consciousness helps us rise up above the above discussed dependencies and remain seated, stable on our throne of self-respect.

? *Internal and External Attachments* ?

Attachment can be on two levels - either internal or external.

Some common examples of external attachments are attachments to:

* people,
* objects,
* your physical body,
* your position or role in your family, society or in your professional field,
* money,
* places,
* physical comfort/comforts,
* the way you look or dress up or carry yourself or your physical personality in general,
* a particular skill/skills,
* a particular interest or hobby like watching movies, online social networking, etc.
* your routine or a certain way of working at home or at the workplace,
* respect from others,
* how people see you or behave with you or what they think of you, etc.

? *Meditation – The Art of Thought Training* ?

There is a common impression that meditation means to empty the mind of all thoughts in order to experience the stillness or peacefulness of the mind. The mind is not to blame for our existing distress or confusion. It is really only a screen upon which thoughts are projected. The waywardness and naughtiness of the mind is due to the quality of thoughts that arise in it and not due to some problem inherent in the mind itself.

Though this emptying of the mind may bring temporary relief, it's not a natural part of living to have no thoughts. Instead, the mind has to be trained to create the types of thoughts that lead to harmony and peace. Thus, each session of Raja Yoga meditation (as taught by the Brahma Kumaris) can be seen as one of thought-training in a similar way to a tennis player who, seeking perfection, practices his serve, back-hand and volley in order to improve them.

Meditation is the journey towards soul-consciousness and god-consciousness guided by the use of the thoughts created in the mind and the deep and inner memory of the original and basic state and virtues of the soul. I first have to withdraw my attention from all outer circumstances and direct it within towards inner dialogue.

? *Message for the day* ?

*To be an embodiment of power is to be free from effort. *

? *Projection:* ?

When we are faced with a difficult situation we usually try to make our mind positive at that time, but we find it very difficult to do so. We then give up making effort thinking that we don't have the power to change our nature. We continue to work with the weakness and strengthen it further.

? *Solution:* ?

In order to win over our weakness we need to become an embodiment of power. For this we need the practice of a long time of being powerful so that we experience the power within. Then the power that we want at that time will emerge naturally. Like a master we'll be able to order our inner powers and be free from the effort of changing negative to positive.

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