bar mitzvah gowns


I wouldn’t say I felt so comfortable there but I just knew it wouldn’t be so right to get off my seat and walk off the ground. If I had known, I wouldn’t have accepted the invite in the first place. It was Christopher’s insistence that had made me even consider it at all. I was aware of how he loved carnivals, festivals and feasts and that must have made him think this was one of such, considering that the flyers we had got as the invite, had pictures of some musical instruments. It now has presented itself as a full-blown open-air church crusade meaning the Praise Fiesta the flyer had talked about was just a mere decoy and I solely blamed Christopher’s illiteracy for such a misconception. I would have known what the invite was if I had read the flyer but I have never had time for such cheap campaigns, anyway. bar mitzvah gowns

We had spent over two hours waiting for anything of interest to begin but all we kept seeing were series and series of prayer and worship sessions. I was somewhere at the heart of the ground and Christopher was standing right beside me; obviously devoid of anything happening. His inability to understand English even when spoken in the slowest of ways seriously hampered his communication and listening capabilities. Even at the streets where we traded our wares, I had ended up being the actual person who did everything for him once it involved writing or reading.

Sometimes I wondered what would have been if we were not friends. He surely would have lost a lot of money as a result. However, we were now at the event he had so much talked about in the past week and he was yet to get a clue of what was happening simply because everybody spoke English.
I was equally lost on my own end. But not for the same reasons. My problem was, what the heck was I doing there in the first instance?
“Praise the Lord?!”, finally came a loud feminine voice on all four speakers mounted at various ends of the ground. The observing congregation returned their own end of the chorus, “Hallelujah!”. The lady repeated it all again and the watching crowd alongside my own Christopher returned the gesture with even higher intensity.
“Amen?”, she persisted.
“I will want us to thank the Lord for this hour! He has made it possible for us to gather here”, she appeared so focused while she talked. She was putting on a flowing blue gown that spelt conservatism all over. She also had a scarf tied over her head as she kept strolling the full length of the stage that had been set up at the far corner as she spoke.
“Not again”, I heard myself say.
“Not another prayer. Thought all those earlier ones were enough?”.
However, the crowd never seemed to share this view with me because even before she could give them a clue of what to pray for, everybody was already rolling themselves into copper coils with prayers! I was just stunned and all I could do was flash my widely open eyes all over the place; savoring the seeming comedy playing out before me.
Christopher seemed to be into their world as well, but I sure could bet my right testicles that he had not even the slightest clue of what he was praying about! He was apparently acting out, for sure. When everybody seemed to have gotten tired of what had become a successful exchange of smelly human saliva; the growling gradually died down. The leading lady got the initiative at once and began speaking into the mic again.
“Now I will want to invite my mother, the Assistant General Overseer of our church; His Resurrection Power Assembly; Pastor Mrs. Elizabeth Rowlands to come and round up this prayer”, the crowd were already clapping themselves to ache by the time she had finished the call up. Then a well-dressed woman who looked obviously like a mother to the earlier girl; judging from the looks and her age (she should be forty-five or so); stepped out from one end of the stage that was being occupied by a seated group of young and elderly men and women; they looked like they were also pastors.

The woman looked well reserved and I could easily see that she had a very firm and robust body. She was not exactly tall but was far from being called short and as she walked to meet her daughter, her wide hips played with the shimmering fabric of the long light gray gown she wore.
Her B---m looked rather large for her body and I was tempted to think it was enhanced by a brassiere. She was beautiful and even though I was only seeing her left side as she made for the mic, I was generously rewarded with a right guess when I did see her face. She was not very fair in complexion but her ebony brown mix, suited the cut of her face and the colour of her hair which was slightly exposed.
She had high cheeks that seamlessly disappeared into her jaw line as they traveled down her face. I had no doubt she was my kind of woman. “The Lord is good”, she began in a very endearing voice when she picked up the mic. She broke what seemed to have been a very long silence. Everybody there appeared to have been totally stunned by her flawless shape, just like
myself. She was facing us now and we could see how her hips defined her hour-glass feminine frame.
“All the time”, followed a dreamy congregation.
“I will like us to sing this song first before we pray.” She was doing well to engage the entire eyes of the watching crowd. She then started a popular Yoruba song which easily got the crowd rampant! Everyone was on top of
his or her voice in an effort to display how well he or she knew the lyrics of the song. The drummer at one end of the ground was equally in a rouse as he frantically drummed away with absolute abandon!
The whole air was filled with chorused yells and the feeling was undeniably electrifying. However, despite all these, I subtly felt I had been lost somehow. My interest was no longer with the crowd. I was just not with the happenings around me anymore. I felt I had been cut off by something somewhere, and my mind raced in an effort to figure out what it was.
Subsequently, when I did find out what it was, I was a bit staggered by the outcome! I realized I still had my mind set lustfully on the Pastor woman! And she was the center of my concentration at that moment. I just could not explain how I could still be doing that. She was a pastor. And from the way
she was addressed, it appeared she was either a wife to the owner/founder of the church hosting the crusade. Or at least, a relative.
I just could not understand how my head ever thought I would even get any close to her let alone have anything to do with her but despite all these seeming difficulty, I only found myself helplessly starring at her without end.
And as I did, various fantasies kept pumping into my head. I felt so daft! Her body was even appearing more attractive now; to me anyway, since I was quite aware no other person in the ground was seeing her in the same light as myself as they all must be some kind of saints or something; Christopher exempted, though. I could not just take my eyes away from her; not at that point. Her wide hips looked more elaborate in the glimmer of flood lights
directed towards her.
She was very beautiful, leaving me thoroughly worried why people like her were not just available to us to F**K our brains and dicks off to the fullest!! It was a pity I would not just be able to achieve more than the little fantasy I was having at that point; or so I thought. Not too longer after, we all got into another round of prayers.

The rest of the service went as I had expected; just like any other standard crusade would go. There were still additional sermons, altar calls and prayers and at each point, the very persons leading the session kept urging us to repent and become born-again. It was quite like a little joke I thought belonged to them. I had no clue of what they meant or wanted from me and I never cared to know, rather I ensured that I kept up with the woman I had
started scrutinizing from the time I had set my eyes on her. And as activities after activities dragged into the night, I did my best to have uninhibited views of her very attractive body. I could not say I had a wasted night all in all.

However, just before the entire occasion was over, I and Christopher received a printed card. I had seen them sharing the cards earlier but never felt it would come my way.
The card did come eventually and it was a request card:
“Have you been touched by the Lord today? If so, please leave us a comment and your contacts. Thank you!”

I frowned as I ran my eyes through the vacant text boxes that had been provided under the short note. I just had no idea of what to make of them or the card itself. I made to drop it to the floor immediately but just then, it
occurred to me that I was almost about to lose the only possible link I could ever have with the church in question. And that would mean not ever seeing Pastor Mrs. Elizabeth Rowlands again. Now that was never going to happen! I knew I had a mad urge to keep seeing this pastor woman even if she was never going to notice me.
I knew I should always feel a level of satisfaction seeing her daily and that meant I must grab any opportunity that smelt like a path to this, with both hands. Flipping the card over, I snatched a pen from Christopher who I did not see fill his own card, and entered my name ‘Daniel Chucks’ and then
every other details the card demanded. I could also see the church’s main-branch address attached below and I scribbled it onto the bare skin of my left palm.
I was happy at how things had suddenly turned around; and even though I could not spot my new pastor crush as I sauntered out from the ground with Christopher, for the second time that evening I felt I never had a wasted evening.
Later that night, as I F***ed Chidinma; another street hawker who had lately been flirting with me suggestively; all I had in my mind was Pastor Elizabeth! I kept her bent over my wheeled-truck which I had properly parked at a corner of my improvised homestead and continuously rammed my 8inch Joystick in and out of her tight sloppy Kittycat. At each stroke, I could picture Elizabeth occupying exactly the same position and urging me to F**K her silly.
Flashes of her Unclad which I felt I would never ever get to see, kept finding their way into my thoughts. This drove me to the edge but before I could reach an o----m with the already frenzied slaps my g---n was giving Chidimna’s fat Buttocks, the young girl squealed and poured streams and
streams of her colourless Kittycat juice all over my belly and crotch!
My long Joystick was subsequently forced out by the pressure this exerted and I only got to spray my Pour all over her Buttocks as the enormous meat dropped onto her shinny bubble buttocks! She was smelling strongly from
accumulated sweat obviously on her as a result of our f-----g but I could only care less. I accepted she was the only Elizabeth I had at the point and I was glad she had been thoroughly satisfied!
I later got her to leave the same night. Even though she did so reluctantly as she was still craving for another long F**K! I assured her that I would still service her overflowingly the following night as I needed rest from the long night I was already having. As soon as she left, I had a quick bath. But, that period at the bathroom was the start of just another series of long fantasies
that would eventually last until my bedtime. And they all were about my new crush; Pastor Mrs. Elizabeth Rowlands!