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In that room was Beatrice my wife, the love of my life sleeping naked on the bed.
“Henry” she called out as she quickly wrapped herself with a bed sheet.
“What’s the meaning of this?” I yelled
“I can explain”
“Explain what you bloody cheat”
I went back to the door locked it up and put the keys in my pocket.
“How could you do this to me?” I asked
You see Beatrice was the only woman that I had ever loved, she knew the kind of job I did but that didn’t stop her from marrying me and all these years she was the one person I trusted my life with, I believed in her not even once would I have thought she would cheat on me.
“I am sorry Henry” she said
“Give me just one reason why I must not blow your brains off”
“This is the very reason I cheated, you think you own the world Henry huh, blow my heads of if you want at least I found happiness in Joe’s hands” She yelled
“Oh Joe that’s your name?” I asked looking at the man
“Please spare our lives” He said kneeling down
“Stupid man” I said hitting him in the stomach
“Let’s see what my daughter will say about your bitchy behavior” I said grabbing my phone so I could call Nora
“Which daughter are you talking about?” she asked laughing
“Nora of course”
“Nora is not your daughter Henry, you can’t have children I did you a favor by making you believe she was yours, Joe here is Nora’s father”
“What are you saying?” I said shaking my head, how possible could it be that my wife had cheated on me all these years and I had never suspected a thing
“Yes you thought you were so mighty huh, treating everyone like they were under you, well now you know the truth do whatever you want”
I didn’t think Beatrice would one day betray me like that after knowing how dangerous I was she went behind my back like that? I removed my gun and aimed at her but before I could shoot, I felt a sharp pain pierce through my heart and fell to the ground, my vision became blurry and it was lights out for me.
I had finally made up my mind to finish off Nicole, I knew if she was alive then I would never find my happiness, I didn’t know how I was going to get to her but I had to find a way, I wore a short black dress and a long black coat on top, I loved how I looked like a woman in mourning. It was evening and I knew I wouldn’t find anyone by her bedside at that time of the night.
“Did you bring what I asked you bring?” I asked ba Jacob before getting into my car
“Yes I did, exactly as you instructed” he said handing me a small envelop and a gun.
“Okay, have you heard from dad today?”
“No, but maybe he should be on a flight coming here”
“Okay let me do this in his honor, he will be proud of me” I smiled before driving off
When I got to the hospital, I talked to the doctor as usual and he didn’t want to allow me in because it was late but I convinced him it was important I see her, I had tears in my eyes and he bought it.
“Okay be quick”
“My poor friend, will she ever wake up?” I asked the doctor when he opened the door for me
“If you believe she will then yes she will wake up”
“It’s sad to see her in this state” I said as tears streamed off my face
“Taker heart my dear leave it all to God”
He closed the door when he walked out and I sat on the chair next to her bed, Ba Jacob had given me an injection that I had to inject in Nicole if I wanted her gone, the injection would work within 24 hours.
“Today I am putting an end to this your miserable life Nicole, I hope you Rest in Peace and your next life try to stay in your lane if you want to live your life to the fullest” I said holding her hand
“You see, I always pictured you as my Chief Bridesmaid but I guess I will have to find another one, I always told you Chard and I will get married but you undermined me, you were supposed to support me but you decided to stand in my way, well your stubbornness has cost you my friend” I was about to remove the injection from my pocked when I felt a tight grip on my hand and when I looked at the bed Nicole and I came face to face.
There was so much hate in her face she opened her mouth as if trying to say something but no words came out of her mouth. I yanked my hand of her grip and stood up then I removed one of the injections.
“Say good bye to your pathetic life” I said trying to inject her but then someone held my hand.
“Let her go you devil” some man said holding my hand
I struggled to break free from him while holding the injection, we struggled and struggled till the injection got stuck on him and he fell to the floor.
“You see what you have made me do huh?” I kicked him in the face before removing my gun.
I could see tears in Nicole’s eyes but she didn’t have any strength to talk.
“I am sorry I have to do this” I said pointing the gun at her.
Boom the gun went off …………………………
I fell to the ground and screamed in pain then I realized someone had shot me in the leg.
“You are under arrested for attempted Murder of Nicole Kabuswe” one man said as he handcuffed my hands
“Shit” I yelled in anger, my leg was in so much pain
I was about to sleep when I was called at the hospital that Nicole had finally woken up and Nora was caught up for attempting to murder her, I couldn’t believe my ears, I told her mum and sister and we quickly drove to the hospital. When we got there she was indeed awake but she couldn’t say anything. Her mother shed tears and hugged her while I just stood by the door staring at her.
“Her throat is dry, she might be able to start talking tomorrow” The doctor mentioned to us
“Okay Doctor thank you very much”
“But right now she will need to take some rest so don’t take long in here” After a while I drove back home with Nicole’s sister because her mother had insisted on staying back at the hospital.
I couldn’t believe Nora would actually stoop that low but I blamed myself for being self centered, for overlooking that what she felt for me was unhealthy like Maya always told me. I drove home feeling so confused, I couldn’t even sleep, when I woke up the next day I wanted to see Nora, I wanted to get it from her own mouth why she would go that far, so after driving Nicole’s sister to the hospital, I drove to the police station. baby breast feeding wear for bridesmaid
When I got to the station, I was told Nora was being kept at the police clinic since she was shot I went to the clinic and found an officer guiding her while she was on the bed with one leg fastened to the bed. I greeted the officer and he excused himself.
“Nora how could you?” I asked feeling pity for her
“Chard, I have no regrets for all I have done to be with you okay, I love you and I am willing to fight for what is mine”
“I am not yours, I never was”
“You used me for sex and thought you could dump me like that? You thought you where clever huh? But no I was way ahead of you because I made sure to clear everyone that stood in my way”
“Maria, that stupid girl and oh the baby Faith was carrying, yes I eliminated them”
“Nora you are sick”
“My father will get me out of here and I swear when I come out, I will finish you off” she said spitting in my face.
I walked out with a heavy heart because I was as guilty as she was for all the crimes she had committed, if only I hadn’t slept with her in the first place.
Men do cry, Chard is yet to cry for real
As e dey hot