UcenterDress red formal dresses

4 years ago this weekend...

My mother fucking girl. My girl. She knows. We went to high school together.

The weekend of her wedding, I knew I was pregnant. But I wasn’t at the safety 13 weeks checkpoint. So I had to keep the secret to myself. It was Lauren’s day.

I had to sneakily tell the bartender to make my drinks look boozy because I didn’t want to blow up my spot.

Eagle eyes on my shit thought. The birds knew. I got called out for the straw and for the rack. # motorboat

I sucked my belly in all night to fit into a dress I already had. I didn’t want to buy a new one. Not practical.

I tagged this photo “snowflakes from heaven.”

Snow flakes from Mother Nature feels like a more accurate description. I’ve refined my skill set since meeting the love of my life.

Heaven isn’t a location. Maybe like a safe haven womb. # newhavenraven

Heaven is a better description for Homestead chocolate cake.

Love and cake. Lauren and Anthony’s story is one of my all time favs. They met at law school. They played the role of student-teacher. Their business is flourishing. Beautifully located on a farm in NH.

They represent America well. I was just looking through her photos and everything about Lauren is stylish boss lady power mom. They also have what looks like a trip to DC on Memorial Day weekend and an Independence Day wedding for fellow hometown friends. Classic. UcenterDress red formal dresses

Lauren’s mom plays for the late owls and was unable to attend her special day.

Planning life events without an annoying mother hover-craft isn’t as cool.

Lauren took her chances and planned an outdoor wedding in Northern NH. Blankets and hot coco. The whole 9.

Icing on the cake was the flakes from the sky. It was a winter wonderland. Made my eyes well up.

I really can’t stay...
Baby it’s cold outside.

On to the next winter wedding. Chi-town.

My girl Stella. Her birthday is my half birthday and my birthday is her half birthday.
11.30 & 5/30
Half staff.