8th grade formal dresses

Lisa & I were both born Friday the 13th - February 1959. We became best friends in the 8th grade & continued hanging out through High School & our first year of college at WSU. We both are independent & enjoy working hard. We both worked with produce at canneries, warehouses & in the fields in our early years. We are both self-motivated people & we sewed a lot of our clothes early on. It has always been great to create our own clothing - with our own personality essence! Photos below include High School 1977 graduation photos of Lisa & I in formal dresses we both created & sewed. As you can see we both sewed same pattern in different colors. Other photo is a picture of Lisa & I in our high school graduation from Walla Walla high school in 1977 in comments. 8th grade formal dresses
Thank you Lisa for sharing your life with me. I love you Lisa. ❤️